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“I absolutely enjoy singing here. The talented Lalitya Munshaw behind this beautiful studio has been my friend since ages and she has created a legacy.”

“I feel comfortable recording here as it feels like a home out of home. The Cleanliness and the two studios are really appreciable.”

“We recorded our tracks here and the experience was really good. I will come here again for my next projects”

“It was really enriching to work at Ré n Rāgā Studios for my film ‘Tell Me O Khuda’. I keep coming here because it has a wonderful ambiance and latest state of the art technology.”

“I have recorded at so many Studios but recording at Ré n Rāgā Studios is very different. It has a very positive ambiance that is very important for a singer beside a good control room with equipments and software. The engineers are very skilled.”

“I find this studio a suitable place to work, so I’ll shift my projects here.”

“After a long time I came to a wonderful studio like this. It is really very good in every sense. I pray to God to bless the Ré n Rāgā family.”

“These studios are amazing. Sound and ambience is excellent here, I often come here for my different projects”

“Many thanks to Ré n Rāgā Studio and the engineer Shantanu for the wonderful high quality sound they have maintained. This is what bring us here again and again.”

“My good wishes to Ré n Rāgā team. It is a wonderful studio.”

“My blessings to Ré n Rāgā Team, I have recorded a number of my albums here and it was an experience class apart.”

“Ré n Rāgā Studios A and B both are very rocking. I enjoy working here, the engineers are excellent.”

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